Wednesday, April 23, 2008


last weekend, becky, kandi and i traveled to aguascalientes (a town about 2 hours away) for a student ministry training. we arrived friday afternoon and spent the afternoon/evening shopping and hanging out with another missionary. then we spent all day saturday at the training event. it was hosted by the latin american branch of youthspecialties, whose conferences i have attended in the US a couple of times. it was a long, hot day (it's officially hot season! and there is no air conditioning to be found...) but so good. the speaker was argentinian and his spanish was very difficult to understand, but he had good powerpoint notes and that ALWAYS helps! all in all, it was a really great trip.

this eagle in downtown aguascalientes marks the very center of mexico.
we ate dinner at a wonderful restaurant. it was so cute!
i snuck a picture during one of the sessions.
becky, kandi and i before the last session of the day.