Friday, June 22, 2007

"marine versus cat"

this is a video my friend and i made back in the fall. just us bein silly at the zoo!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just a few pictures...

this week i have enjoyed some much needed downtime! it's been so wonderful to spend a few days at my house not doing much and not feeling the least bit guilty about it! so far this month, we have had one high school team (who was here for 11 days!) and my aunt came to visit. both were great fun! below are a few pictures from this month so far. in a mere two days my sisters will be here to visit!!!! they are flying in with another high school team (from FBC Shelbyville, KY, a youth group that came to MFuge '05.) i'm excited to see some students that i haven't seen in awhile and to show my sisters what it is that i do down here. at the end of next week, my parents will also be arriving and we will spend our time sightseeing here in Guadalajara, and relaxing on the beach in Manzanillo! i can't wait! enjoy the pictures. i'm sure i will have even more in just a couple of weeks when things slow down again! :)

this is my sweet Ulysses. he got to go swimming that day and was so excited!
this is my friend sandy and her two daughters, Suri and Paola. she also has a son, Eli. she is so sweet and helped us so much that week!
becky and another of our friends, Mari. every saturday, mari has a kids club at her house for all the kids in her neighborhood. she is the light in a very, very dark neighborhood.
one of the precious kids we got to work with all week.
some more sweet faces!
half of the FBC Powell group, with the church members we worked with.
becky and i drinking our "waters" (they make juices out of different fruits and call is "water of ______") out of plastic bags. this is normal here!
this is my favorite guy at my favorite taco stand. he loves to practice his english when we come. here, he is taking a bite out of a cow eye. high school boys are pretty adventurous and my taco stand serves just about every part of the cow. so, they ordered an eyeball (along with tongue and udder). they were a little grossed out at first, so my friend here showed them how to do it. lol. two of the guys tried it as well. yuck!
my aunt came to visit last weekend! we took a double decker bus tour. such a great way to see the city...and get a tan!
we also did some shopping. i was excited about my new beach hat!
there was a pretty sweet mural at one of the restaurants we ate at.
shocking, i know, but i was bein a little silly with the camera. :)
we ate at a place called Italiani's. it's not quite olive garden, but it's the closest thing we've got and the cheesecake was amazing!

we also bought matching sandals. i picked them out and then she decided she needed to try them on as well. once she felt how comfy they are, she had to have some too!
after my aunt left, i decided to tackle a project i've been wanting to do for awhile...painting my room. i waited until 11:00 at night to start and quickly realized that may not have been the best idea....
painting really isn't much fun by yourself! i got bored pretty quickly!i finally finished the next day and was SOOO excited! i love it and it looks great!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

more lyrics...

i happened across this song today and it really spoke to me. as much as i love being here, and as great as things seem to be going most of the time, there are days when it is really, really hard to be here. especially with so much going on at home. anyway, this song was just a really great reminder. giving our lives to God is not a one time thing, it's a daily choice. and even though i mess up a lot, it's the choice i want to make.

"Here's My Life" - BarlowGirl

once again i said my goodbyes
to those i love most
my heart feels that familiar pain
as i long for hope
cause this road is hard
when i feel so far

And God i'm crying out tonight
cause i've givin you my life
but im tired and im missing whats behind
so once more heres my life

on the day that you called my name
all that i knew changed
I found when i said yes
that i
would never be the same
though the call is hard
you are worth it all

and God Im crying out tonight
cause ive givin you my life
but im tired and im missing whats behind
so once more....

even when the tears are falling
when i find i fear the calling you
remind me, (yeah)
words you've spoken over my life
promises ive yet to see
you come for me. (yeah yeah)

(you come for me) (yeah) (you come for me)

And God i'm crying out tonight
cause i've givin you my life
but im tired and im missing whats behind
so once more heres my life