Wednesday, January 30, 2008

just for you adrian!

just a few pictures of izzy in her christmas sweater from adrian

Sunday, January 27, 2008

just a picture

I finally got a copy of this picture when dad came to visit a couple of weeks ago. this is most of my mom's family (minus my sister) in Miami back in August before my grandmother passed away. We're quite the group, but lots of fun. It was so great to get to see everyone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dad comes (back) to Guadalajara!

Dad recently got to come down for a visit. We had a great time celebrating my birthday, hanging out and doing a little sightseeing and shopping!

On Thursday night, we went over to David and Becky Haynes' house for my birthday dinner with the Haynes, Laura and the Ostertags. These other missionaries are truly family in a way that is hard to explain, so it was really special to get to celebrate with them!Lookin' at the candles and wondering if Becky had used the trick candles on me like she did on Laura...
luckily she only used a couple!

It's a tradition at the Haynes' house that the birthday girl (or boy) gets to use the star plate. I'm definitely family now!

Some of my favorite ladies in the city! Kandi Ostertag, Laura Smith and Becky Haynes
On Friday (my actual birthday) Dad, Laura and I went out to breakfast and then to the zoo. It was so great. We got to feed giraffes out of our hands, play with monkeys and see about a million animals. Not to mention it was a gorgeous day! Of course, Dad and I, both being OBU alums, had to get a picture with the bison. Hey Bison, go with Ka-rip!! ;)
On Friday night we went to Outback for dinner. YUMM-O! Some of the waiters came out to sing.
Laura and I with a ginormous piece of chocolate cake!
Saturday night we had a bunch of our Mexican friends over for enchiladas and (more) chocolate cake. Izzy looked super cute in her vest! Thanks Aunt Cindy!
Dad and I before everyone arrived.
Laura trying to push my face into the cake again!
After "la mordida." It's a Mexican tradition to shove the birthday person's face into the cake!

Izzy was pretty worn out by the time everyone left.Sunday night we went out to Canal 58. Kike and Isidrio LOVED posing for pictures!
So did my sweet Cynthia!
This is my Mexican family: Ruby, Jorge, Jorgito and Gustavo
Isn't sweet Gus just precious?!?
Izzy also loves her new vest from Aunt Adrian!
Monday afternoon we went horseback riding at the park near our house.
Tuesday we went downtown with the Ostertags, Laura, and the Haynes (minus Becky)
Thursday night we went to Chili's with everyone (minus Laura). Again, YUMM!

It was such a blessing to have my dad here. Especially for my birthday! I don't think I've ever celebrated quite as much as we did!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

interesting link

just an article to look at (it's more pictures than words).